Sunday, August 2, 2015

Construction Progress: Week 7

Sorry for the radio silence last week; I had a work trip that brought me out to sunny San Diego! I feel vindicated, because the last time I was there for a conference, it was rainy and cold the whole time I was there – which I'm pretty sure is the only time in the last ten years San Diego has actually seen bad weather.

The past couple of weeks saw the addition of the gypsum and concrete barrier between the condo units, some special flooring poured in areas that see moisture (laundry area, water heater closet, etc), electrical meters, and the roof sheathed and shingled. Our PM says the house is due for a few inspections next week, and then they can get going on HVAC, windows, and exterior doors.

The completed roof.

The gypcrete flooring (gypsum board & self-leveling concrete). This is what provides the sound barrier between the Matisse and the upper unit condo, and it also provides fire resistance, too.

Gypsum board material for the Ryan Homes Matisse.
The gypsum board material.

Sealant in the laundry room and other areas with potential sources of moisture (water heater closet). A little messy...

Windows for the Ryan Homes Matisse.
Windows ready to be hung next week!

Ryan Homes Matisse and Picasso units in the framing stage.
Lookin' good.

The start of insulation.

I'm not saying I looked in another Matisse unit, but – asking for a friend – isn't it a little odd that they leave this kind of stuff unsecured in an open garage? I mean, I doubt water heaters and fixtures are hot items on the black market, but still.


  1. Your home is coming along nicely ^_^.

  2. So they pour concrete on the levels as a sound barrier?? That's so interesting. I wish they could do that in a regular house lol As for locking up, we didn't get locked up until after the drywall stage when they started installing cabinets and fixtures. I imagine they have to get stuff stolen from time to time, maybe just not enough to make it a big issue. Isn't it about time to cut out those side windows yet, considering the windows are sitting in the garage?

  3. Looks good, they are moving fast. I think your HOA also requires that the Picasso model above can not have hardwood flooring in the living room for an extra layer of sound dampening between the units. So you'll probably hardly ever hear your neighbors.