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DISCLAIMER: All of these documents were accurate as of March 2015. Where possible, I have tried include the last time the document was revised. These are intended as a resource for you to review, NOT intended as a replacement for the official documents Ryan Homes staff will give you.

If you purchase a condo (e.g., a Matisse or Picasso), you are governed by both the condo rules and regulations and the HOA.

Purchase Agreement

One thing I found very helpful is to ask for the purchase agreement ahead of time, so I had time to read everything carefully and didn't feel rushed at the meeting. The sales representative reviews both the contract and any addendums, but it's always best to read and review things for yourself. I should also add that having a realtor on your side at this stage can advise you of potential risks before you sign.

If you would like to see a sample condominium purchase agreement for Greenbelt Station, you can view it here.

HOA Documentation
Condo Documentation

All condo documents posted here were last modified December 4, 2014.


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