Sunday, July 19, 2015

Construction Progress: Week 5.5

The framing continues apace for the Picasso unit that sits on top of the Matisse! Our PM thinks framing for the roof will be done by the middle of the next week, and then shingling and the gypcrete barrier between the two units will start. I notice the windows are still missing from the second floor, so I'm going to email the PM and make sure they're going to get cut out at some point.

I also noticed a few items with the framing that concern me (pictures below). I don't really know if they're temporary issues that will be resolved later, or if they're things that should genuinely concern me – our lack of construction knowledge is one reason we're really firm about doing an inspection at the pre-drywall stage.

Brace yourself, this is a picture heavy update. (Just imagine the Sean Bean meme for me.)

View from living room into kitchen area. The half wall is where the counter area will be. Look how much natural light there is!

View from the master bedroom.

The master bathroom framed out on the left, and one of the walk-in closets on the right.

Shared wall between Matisse units. I'm not sure why a stud appears to be missing in the middle.

View of the master bedroom

Door from the one car garage into the kitchen area.

View from the back of the unit.

I mentioned earlier that there were some things I noticed that concerned me. First, there's a gap in the particleboard in the kitchen area, the center picture – it's hard to see, but the wood above the frame is damaged, and you can see light from the outside plain as day. That seems like it would really impact the energy efficiency. Then, there are some sorry looking posts nailed to either corner of what will eventually be the living room area – I'm hoping they're just temporary supports?


  1. How exciting! I will tell I recommend waiting speaking of any framing issues until they start working on the HVAC and plumbing, so u know they are done with the framing. As your PM will mostly say they are done with the framing. Anything that's incorrect as far as your options say something now, like your missing window. If you daylight don't worry at this point, they will wrap the house and also glue any tiny holes you see. If they are bigger holes they fill they a little differently. The time to make sure say something about any holes is at your drywall meeting. The key is not let your PM you are not knowledgeable, he will write off your concerns with talking. When you do say something is wrong ask when it will be fixed. So you know when to look to make sure it's done before it's covered up. Most likely your PM hasn't gone over the framing yet or you would see the spray paint marks where he thinks there's problems that need to be fixed.

    1. Thanks Page, this is super helpful to know about the spray paint marks! I just emailed him about the missing windows.

  2. We had gaps showing daylight in our great room, where the studs met. They filled it with a foam insulation/caulking stuff. (Love my technical know how? Lol). So it might not get fixed until then. But I brought it up to my PM and he told me what they normally do to fix it.

  3. Yep I'm with Kathy. Any gaps we had were filled with foam stuff as well. :) But I would definitely touch base with your PM about those windows asap!

    1. My PM wrote me back super fast, which was really nice -- turns out the two windows are a feature unique to our community, so they don't appear on the standard blueprints, so they basically cut them in a little later than the rest. Phew!