Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We're #1! We're #1!

The reason we're spending what feels like a kazillion dollars to live by a Metro stop: DC officially has the worst traffic in the country (source), beating out no lesser competitors than LA, San Francisco, and NYC.

Traffic on the Beltway around Greenbelt Station
(image via WTOP)


  1. I'm from LA, have had extended stays in San Francisco, and have visited NY, and yes, DC seems to be most awful.

  2. The wife and I took a trip up to the IKEA in Woodbridge last year and got stuck in traffic on I-95. I later asked a friend from college that also lives in Woodbridge and commutes to Alexandria how she deals with it. Her reply was, "I cry a lot." I just can't imagine dealing with that every day. I gripe about the rush hours in Richmond (and working at schools with slightly different hours I tend to miss the worst of it, especially in the afternoons) but I know they're nothing compared to what they're like up there.