Friday, April 10, 2015

PSA: Calling All Ryan Homes Owners

One of the posts that consistently has the most views on this blog is the one where I expressed my frustration at how hard RH makes it to figure out upgrades will cost.

Since I try not to complain too much unless I have a solution in mind, I'd like to propose my idea. I've created a form where RH home owners can submit a) what upgrade they purchased, and b) how much it cost. Yes, you can absolutely email your sales rep for this type of information, and they will gladly share it, but it's hard to know what to ask about when you're not even sure what's available or standard.

Obviously, this isn't much of a benefit to those that have already finished with their Ryan Homes build, but I guess I'm considering this a good deed for future homeowners.

So: tell me how much you paid for your upgrades! You can add anything from appliances to structural upgrades.

Are you a prospective home buyer looking for the price list? Click here. I'll add to the list as people submit entries.


  1. Pricing changes frequently but your pricing on upgrades are locked in at the time you sign a sales contract. Your sales representative should provide you a printed sheet with all upgrade pricing, minus special requests. Make sure to get your price guide at the time you sign to ensure they don't have the power to adjust them on you.

    Additionally always ask what level the upgrades you are looking at are because the pricing is all based on the level and it will be helpful in determining if things fit your budget.

    1. You're right that pricing changes frequently, but at least in our community... there is no sheet or price guide with upgrade pricing. If there was, that would have saved me a lot of headaches. Even on the materials they gave me that show different appliance options, there's not a single price tag anywhere, you have to ask each time.

      I think this is a new development; another blogger commented on my other post and said that when they bought their house there was a binder with all the available upgrades and exactly how much they cost, and then RH did away with that. Really frustrating. :/