Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stall Warning

Welp, I guess all that progress had to slow down at some point.

One of our future neighbors invited us to look at his place a couple weeks ago, and we were kind of surprised some of the things that had been completed in our house that hadn't yet been done in his – granite, sinks, etc. Our guess is that they either start with the lower units first and work upwards, or possibly start with the end units and move inwards.

Either way, we went out there this weekend and it looks pretty much the exact same. Nothing new except cabinet pulls.

Our mortgage lady emailed us and told us she anticipated a closing date of November 1st (a whole month earlier than anticipated), and then a day later said November 9th. We would be thrilled to move in earlier, but I'm trying not to make any hard plans or let my crazy go into overdrive until we get something official.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Construction Progress: (More) Granite, Garage, Electrical

As we get closer to the finish line, the progress is a little bit less dramatic than in weeks past, but there's still plenty to be excited about. The garage door is installed, granite in the kitchen is in, interior door and trim moldings are up, vinyl flooring in laundry area is in, and some of the outlets have been wired in. Pepco (electric in our area) is supposed to come Monday or Tuesday, so I think electric stuff isn't far off.

Timing wise, our PM said they are "on track for construction to be completed in November, then it’s just up to the mortgage side of things to get you settled, hopefully before Thanksgiving." Only two months to go now! I suspect we'd be done even sooner, but because it's such a big row of condos, they probably have to make sure construction is finished on the other nine units before anyone can move in.

Ryan Homes installation of New Caledonia granite
New Caledonia granite installed in the kitchen. It looks really good!

sink under wraps
Sink is in, too. There's something about the blue clingfilm that makes me want to rip it off just like Christmas wrapping paper. CANNOT HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT.

Garage door on the Matisse unit.
Garage door, natch.

Flooring in the Matisse powder room complete
Flooring installed in the main floor powder room.

Electrical outlet being installed
Outlets and electrical starting to fill in.

Brick complete on the Matisse and Picasso unit.
Brick complete, and siding (for the back) due to arrive this coming week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Construction Progress: Paint, Cabinets, and Granite

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! It was about a thousand degrees this afternoon, so I didn't linger too long, but as always the amount of progress in only a week is just incredible. They've been working hard, y'all.

Working on the brick exterior of the Matisse and Picasso
Working on the brick exterior.

Sonoma Painted Linen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets (Sonoma Painted Linen) are in, and paint is up. The cabinets look a tiny bit dingy in this picture, but that's just my camera and no flash. The color is more accurate in the next picture.

Sonoma Painted Linen cabinets
Better view of the kitchen.

Burlywood granite installed in the master bath
Burlywood granite installed in the master bath. The cabinets are theoretically supposed to be a maple espresso, but they sure do look black here. But maybe the lack of electricity in a dim room is fooling me?

More espresso cabinets that look awfully black in the guest bath. The counter and sink is what RH calls the white cultured marble. (I think that's a fancier way of saying synthetic, I guess.)

Tile complete in all bathrooms. Yes, we are officially the only Ryan Homes owners on earth that did not splurge on fancy tile in the master bath. Mo' money, mo' problems.

Paint is looking nice! We do intend to paint after closing, but we haven't settled on colors yet.