Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pre-Wiring for the TV Question

Our Guardian meeting is scheduled in a couple weeks, so we’re trying to think about what upgrades we’d like them to do, and what we could reasonably do ourselves. I’ve seen a suggestion on some Ryan Homes blogs (like this one) about running PVC pipe for the low voltage components like RCA cables, HDMI, etc. I’ve seen some reasonably nice and cheap -- less than $30! -- solutions on Amazon for providing access to the wires, like this one.

My tentative plan is to ask Guardian to install an outlet for the TV higher up on the wall, because power cables aren’t low voltage and you risk voiding your insurance if there’s an ever an electrical fire, and then use the Amazon gizmo for the signal components.

So my question is… who do I ask to run the PVC pipe? What if I wanted something like this installed, that does include the electrical? Is that a PM or a Guardian ask? At $30, that sounds a hell of a lot better than paying Guardian hundreds of bucks.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Amazon's $30 solution for hiding cables to wall-mounted TVs.


  1. I'm not sure that you'll be able to get RH to install the amazon device for you and I don't personally know about running the PVC pipe. You can try to ask the PM. Guardian is really overpriced for the wall-mounted set up though, so I would definitely look for alternatives even if it means cutting into the wall and doing it after you close.

  2. Good luck on the PVC pipe request. We were basically told HELL NO. He didn't even hesitate. Very interesting how different communities/regions have different standards!