Thursday, April 16, 2015

Guardian Meeting and Selections

This will be a super quick post, since we only added one thing: pre-wiring for a flat screen TV in the living room. Done and dusted: the whole meeting took about ten minutes. Our Guardian rep was very nice; although he laid out different options, he didn't pressure us into adding anything unnecessary, which we really appreciated.

We're a Mac household, and some of the upgrades that Guardian had available were relatively easy to accomplish with what we already have. If you have a $99 AirPort Express, you can send music wirelessly to any speaker in your house, and use your iPhone or iPad as a remote. (An Apple TV will accomplish the same thing.) So, we can have iTunes running on one of our Mac Minis, and then beam it downstairs to play on our groovy soundbar. It's not quite as nice as pre-wired whole house audio, but you can't beat the price tag.


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