Thursday, March 26, 2015

Purchase Agreement Meeting

Ryan Homes Homeowner's Guide The deed is done: we've signed the papers for our first house!

I was initially a little nervous because I wasn't totally sure what was going to happen at the meeting -- were we picking finishes and appliances? -- and I hadn't had a chance to do any research at all. It turns out I had no need to be nervous; we just signed the purchase agreement and various county and municipality assurances (deferred water and sewer, etc).

One piece of advice I'd seen elsewhere on blogs is to ask for the purchase agreement in advance so you have time to review the document before signing your life away, and I found that to be super helpful. Our sales rep gladly emailed it over, and I was able to really look it over for myself instead of just relying on the SR's summary. (I should add that I think our sales rep is fantastic, I just like doing my due diligence.) I also asked for the HOA and condo CC&R bylaws, but because there are so many documents, Ryan Homes gave them to me on a flash drive. (You can take a look at the documents here.)

There weren't many surprises in the purchase agreement. There is a clause that the square footage may differ from the model, but that's because items like kitchen islands or bumpouts can cause the square footage to vary. You also get one quarter of one percent tax credit if you're a first time homebuyer -- no big shakes, but hey, I'll take it.


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