Sunday, December 18, 2016

Garage Noise in Matisse Bedrooms

By popular demand! I've had a few folks ask questions about how much noise the garage door makes in the bedrooms that are right above it, and it's always hard to answer that -- describing noise always seems so subjective! So, without further ado: I made a little video -- garage noise starts at about 20 seconds:

I'm ready for my Oscar, y'all. (Kidding.)


  1. Thanks for your blog.. I am considering doing something similar for the townhouse I am buying. I see a lot of these blogs for Ryan/NVR homes but none for other builders... did they encourage you to do this blog or was this just created because you wanted to share your experience?

    1. Ha, no, there wasn't any encouragement on behalf of RH/NVR, I just thought it would be kind of fun.

      Actually, the main driver was that Ryan Homes (can't speak for NVR) makes it so damn difficult to get an accurate sense of how much building will cost OR what customizations are possible. I can't tell you how many times I've seen remarks like, "I had no idea that was even possible!" (Obviously, I see these on homes with more customizations than ours, but you get the idea.) I figure the more information people have about the process, the better informed their decision is, good or bad.

  2. Hi, I've enjoyed your blog! We're in northern VA and about to sign a contract. I've been looking at everything I could online because I can't imagine picking everything out in a 2-hour meeting. Like you said, it's hard to know even what's possible! I've been able to figure out that Ryan uses Armstong/Bruce flooring and Timberlake cabinets so I'm looking at those. Do you know of any brands of tile I can go ahead and be looking at? Hope you're still enjoying your new home! And I think I saw that you're a Mississippi girl? Me too. :)