Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Construction Progress: Paint, Cabinets, and Granite

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! It was about a thousand degrees this afternoon, so I didn't linger too long, but as always the amount of progress in only a week is just incredible. They've been working hard, y'all.

Working on the brick exterior of the Matisse and Picasso
Working on the brick exterior.

Sonoma Painted Linen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets (Sonoma Painted Linen) are in, and paint is up. The cabinets look a tiny bit dingy in this picture, but that's just my camera and no flash. The color is more accurate in the next picture.

Sonoma Painted Linen cabinets
Better view of the kitchen.

Burlywood granite installed in the master bath
Burlywood granite installed in the master bath. The cabinets are theoretically supposed to be a maple espresso, but they sure do look black here. But maybe the lack of electricity in a dim room is fooling me?

More espresso cabinets that look awfully black in the guest bath. The counter and sink is what RH calls the white cultured marble. (I think that's a fancier way of saying synthetic, I guess.)

Tile complete in all bathrooms. Yes, we are officially the only Ryan Homes owners on earth that did not splurge on fancy tile in the master bath. Mo' money, mo' problems.

Paint is looking nice! We do intend to paint after closing, but we haven't settled on colors yet.


  1. Looks great, the cabinets are beautiful. It all moves incredibly fast at this point.

  2. It's coming together beautifully! I love your kitchen! The "espresso" cabinets RH uses are pretty black but they look great! We have them throughout our whole house.

  3. Those totally look espresso to me, and the countertops look great with it! Everything is coming along beautifully, and I like classic white tile!

  4. Love the white cabinets! We have those. They are stunning. And I love the espresso cabinets even if they do appear super dark. I think they really look incredible with the burlywood granite. And nothing wrong with saving a little money.. part of me wishes I had! Haha!