Thursday, May 28, 2015

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We bought some fans! (See what I did there?)

All things being equal, I'd rather have a nice light fixture because I think they look a lot nicer, but after living in the South for over a decade... we sure do appreciate having a ceiling fan when the weather is hot and sticky. Plus, a typical central A/C unit uses 3,500 watts while running, whereas a typical ceiling fan uses 60 watts, even on high... so this frugal and environmentally minded mama is willing to compromise. We're putting fans in the two rooms we anticipate using the most often, the master bedroom and the living room.

J turned out to be far more opinionated on ceiling fans than I ever thought possible. I'm partial to the schoolhouse lighting kits, but it was a no go for J. Pinterest boards were created. Reviews were compared. Airflow was compared. In the end, we selected this bad boy, the 52" Casa Compass ceiling fan in brushed nickel:

52 inch Casa Compass Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel

52 inch Casa Compass Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel

It clocks in at 71 watts, and has an airflow of 6,371 cubic feet per minute. We weren't in any hurry to buy these seeing as how the house isn't built yet, but LampsPlus had these discounted by an extra 20% until June 7, so what the heck. (Speaking of my frugal side, I should point out that they don't honor discount codes on items that are already on sale.)

It was a learning experience to discover that a lot of fans, even some of the high end ones, don't come with a remote. If you have tall ceilings, using a pull chain is a total pain, and in the bedroom it's nice to turn out the light or adjust the fan speed without getting out of bed. You can buy remotes super easily BUT know that the fan needs to have extra room in the canopy (the part that houses the light and blades) to smush the receiver in there.

What about you? Do you plan to put in a ceiling fan?

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  1. We plan to put in ceiling fans; 6 of them. Not sure what kind yet though.
    We didn't want the light switch to control the outlet, so we paid for the extra ceiling fan pre-wire for all bedrooms plus the morning room.